" MOUVEMENT ELECTRONIQUE" Nuits sonores - Ninkasi kafè - Lyon (France), 25/05/06

The third and final Microreport of May 2006, go back and read the whole trilogy with Neuchatel and Basel, as if it was "the Lord of the Microrings"; the Micromilano, the fourth report, stand for "The Hobbit". From the 24th to the 28th May 2006, in Lion there has been the 4th edition of the "NUITS SONORES" - panorama des musiques électroniques, a huge festival with many interesting names, amongst those our little creatures from the Micro community.

A thin thread links Milan to Lion, (apart from that they are twin cities) my Drexmobile travelled across lands, mountains and the beautiful and curved French horizon. ViaMichelin is a good printed guide from the web, at the first errors we found out French people don't speak English normally.. I must say for future travellers, go to the first bus stop and you'll find a useful map of town.

Ninkasi is a pub\restaurant, that night a triple music source entertained the old and newcomers for a gourgeous dance voyage, with live and dj sets; outside I've heard hip hop and club stuff, inside two spaces, one for Berlin minimal techno and another that has pushed Drex and my Bolognese friend to come: the Micro Area beside the bar.

At the entrance we had this nice vision of three cardboard robots, two guards at the sides plus a menacing technological one in the middle of the stage. But most important we met those three nice lads, Bacalao, Hello and Eatrabit, quite known at the moment in the little slowly growing Italian MicroHq.

First on the list a renewed Bacalao, Swiss nice chap, white shirt, perfect hairstyle, unfortunately the sound check seemed to require a final step, one of the speakers was farting, bellyache of one of the two robots. possible.

In a few seconds he went berserk as usual, transfiguring himself, tie flying, Micro disorderly, one of the few men in the world that's able to make physical a laptop set. A master!!! What the hell was he proclaiming to the crowd, dictatorial performer, sweet sweat dandy...

While the bacalao thunder flows, Hello prepare his trumpet for a fire alarm, amongst astonished dancers Puyo Puyo is charging the batteries.

..and then the French Kubinian Hero landed on Earth, mixed his freaky sounds from his martian console, robots proctect him better then Saddham's Republican Guards. in the meanwhile strange creatures, he took from his planet, strolled around.

He tought multimedia lessons to make us dance the right way, a Gagarinian style outside the Galaxy, preaching for the Milky Way patron to appear, here it is, smiling like a saw.

he tried even to make Ninkasi restaurant a spacecraft to launch in space, he's the pilot, we the voyagers, up and down the stage, out of fuel, travel postponed.

Micromusic is a world full of strange characters, it could be a sort of a disease, a microasylum; next followed, room nr. 8 , all rooms are that number, Divang is the third bed, his version of this "plastic machine music" is highly addictive for anyone, he's the first victim, blaming himself for an overdose of 8bit pills that make him jump all the time and move convulsively.. the tracker is a sort of a clinic report, I guess all those numbers are parameters of his body values in realtime. Later a fat fat bass wiped out any trace of childish purity from this "looks-like-old-videogame-music". This is a 320x640 res. freak brother.. Good!!

Right.. now Drex photoreports are going to be well known abroad too, no one seems to really understand the meaning, nor do I, but most like it that way... let me go on travelling on my tangent thoughts.

Hello said he's flight from London, sure, he's hidden the wings under the sweatshirt, afraid of hunters, he looked YhelloW that night, breaking rules, variable formula, from "Rocky" to Boney M, dirty Drum and Bass bent to the breakcore speed, over the top when his Game Boy spit a sort of Tekno Rave bumps.

Nice friends he has. . Caroline..

here the crowd easily lost their rational brakes, there he goes.. like a Bobby to put order in this cage of insanity .. It won't last.. I've got a pics of him, flowers in hand, the trumpet, looking at some sort of spiritual entity.. censored..

An unvalued Game Boy camera.

Computertraker is another of those minilive inserts, 20 minutes, I think he got some technical problems with his technobit set, differently from others he's operating quietly behind his laptop. Good boy!!

Outside dj and live sets made "La nuit sonore" alive, outside in the fresh air but inside temperature and humid grew higher, probably because in the middle of the night half of "Wighnomy Brothers" heaten the room with his cool and trendy minimal techno.

If I had to assign the gold medal for the night it could be hard to decide but Lo Bat is a good runner, Game Boy and Chaos Pad, I didn't know about this jewel from Belgium, he's raised rythmic walls making Micromusic a solid building to resist under bulldozer attack, stuff ready to destroy any resistance against the commonplace "it seems videogame sounds". Put it in the Minimal techno room and you got the effect of a "Fox in the hen house ".

The real surprise was my fellow, the boy from Bologne I had as a second pilot looking all the time on the map, he linked together his two Game Boy and started with a furious Techno Club style.. Cracking set . the next time I hear someone who judge this music as "videogame oriented" he'll be put under arrest, in charge of "violating the article nr. 824 of the Good Music Act". Comes the day they know. uuhh!!!

No.. it's not finished yet.. from Belgium another nice proposal, I've bought their cd, Ben et Bena. Probably I'm not the best judge having an inclination towards early '80's bands, New Wave-Nouvelle Vague- Neue Deutsche Welle. that sound we can hear from those two Microinterpreters, nice couple, another reason not to tell Micromusic is a genre but a crossing between all the musical worlds. here we got a MicroWave that irradiate bodies and make them move at command.

Unfotunately Eat rabbit was the last one in Milano, the last in Basel and the last one in Lion, I 'm teling you because I always reach the end of a Microparty and find myself (and I'm sure many others) with the body dried and knackered. But there's a reason sure, this man is one of the promise to make the brand Micromusic shining on the Mag frontcovers. I've written a lot about him, just the time to tell go to listen to this strange recipe he studied to program those tracks.

Oh.. Pixel God.. this is the End... my only friend ..the end... or it should be.. till next paaartyy! Rememeber those little ones too!

A special thank to Eat for having found a bedroom to let the Drexkode mission have a nice rest, at Fanelie's home, a nice grrlll, thank to her as well, thank to all of you, playing and dancing and keep the Micro community alive and kicking.

Next mission.. the great Felix Kubin, live in Rome the 10 th June 2006, with postal_m@rket as a dj.

.. and go in the Guest Book to let me know your impressions...... Bye

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