SCHLAGSTROM 2007 @ Raw Tempel, Berlin - 17-18/08/07

Text by Gilly_Sephira - Pics by Drex

Double Schlagstrom divided into two days, 14 groups, stands and different performances, some of which out of the stage.

During the first evening ( Friday 17 th August ) we've been received by a duo made up of a screaming female voice and some DIY machines built with scraps, a sort of double bass withouth the fourth rope, and old computer with LCD screen and keyboard, pedals which are useful for the effect, a boomerang-shaped instrument surely created to sick up and modulate frequencies and a megaphone that diffuses its noise with a circular and hypnotic movement.

Food and music stands are pressed in a very little space outside.

Raw Tempel is only a minimal part of all the abandoned sheds nearby Cassiopeia's area in Revaler Strasse, but this festival has taken place only in this small one with some bad consequences like lack space, heat, foul air.

Siamgda vs GG (ubergang) is a duo which proposes a solution of percussions and guitar sounds very similar to Psychic TV's ones. Their style also reminds to Fennesz's performances, but the difference is that this time we're listening to something without a fixed structure, where confusion and fragile order get together. It is time to look behind the appearances.

Dazzling Malicious have been a real surprise. Music is filled up by field recordings, it sounds like a film scratched by the needle of an old gramophone, melodies inserted in the noise plot, a carrillon takes back in a far and bloody childhood, raves among suspended chains, metal, iron, cement and dust, while the gloomy vapour penetrates all the bodies, from which a sensual sweat is overflowing.

The only way to describe the following performance is a very vulgar expression, 'cause I'mma talk of 'bout something violent, teKno, industrial, apocalyptic, rave and absolutely well structured. The drum machine paint the sound with its dark coloured pulses and it's able to make move the flesh and immaterial body. Sandblasting demonstrates that there's still someone who worths on Italian scene.

Spanish duo Proyecto Mirage is the next conquerer of the stage. Nice and mirthful they put a crisp tone amog the other darker performances. Their style can be compared to ATR's or Ambassdors21's, so we get lost in a pulsing electro that sometimes changes into noise, high bpm, drum'n'bass, female words and shrieks through a megaphone. A real good live acting.

Hybryds represent a sort of pause between two storms. We find ourselves in a painting, among the blow of the wind, beats, effects, tribal-tasted industrial, ritual, dark ambient, the sound of a guitar and a female voice. I don't care if I'm nasty but I have to admit that this voice is not right for this kind of sonorities, because it lacks of musicality, colour and above all pitch; negative marks that emerge more in the last part of the performance, the one with no sampled voice.

Adam X is the one who puts a start to the second storm, towards teKno, rave and circular sounds. Unfortunately there are no many effects or variations and this is very dangerous because of the risk to fall in a monotone loop. Vocal part is a negative spot in this performance too, that makes the all thing to sink rather than to revive.

The last stair of this first night is another duo: Sonar , two men who have to face many audio plant whimps with the power of their sounds. Ears try to ignore these bad effects in order to catch and enjoy the sonorities that really worth. Utter breakthrough, hard sounds without rhythmic pulsing beats; sounds are totally made up of distorsions and powerful basses, which seem to have the result of a good drug that doesn't damage the synapses. Mind creates new shapes with a new perception, it plungs in the light and in the sweat, while the musical creation starts to live.

Next hours are filled up by Dj Ron 's, Dj Erik 's and Dj Tiamat 's selection.

On Saturday we first meet two hosts we've just seen last year, or Dr. Nexus and Greta with their machines. They are able to draw the attention even of the people outside Schlagstrom's boundaries.

4 performance missed for today ( Hekate, <1979>, Mezire, Detune-X ) 'cause of the Fuckparade which started from Frankfurter Tor the same afternoon.

Empusae 's music is always something that touches in deep. Although breathing is very difficult and the humid heat is almost unbearable, you can reach a stadium in which air and lights become a fluid that enters in the nostrils of the skin and make you feel dizziness. Sounds from a far place, that cannot be found with a map or a mean of transport, sounds that born from the inside, from what's real. He's the tribal, ritual and esoteric part in Saturday program.

Mummy-bandaged men, they throw themselves on the machines, on the frequencies, on the distortions, on the shapes, the only way to communcate because of the limits of the intellect. Sounds loose their rhythm to change in pure noise. A tornado in which you can find and order only when you stop to look for it. These are Monokrom.

Brighter Death Now is a name that draw a lot of interest. Their performance is powerful, intense, full of sounds and atmospheres, all is drunk by the foul air effect on bodies and minds. Eyes are still closed. When you open you eyes you see two man playing recording tracks (play and stop, play and stop), sampled voice who cries on the people like a pissed god and some notes of a bass. There's an utter lack of pathos, effect and all the attributes a person expects from a performance of a name like this.

The last performer of 4 th Schlagstrom is P.A.L ., accompanied by a group of pseudo self-injurer people (not so serious). Different kind of songs from different albums, among which there are Gelobnis and I set my dog on fire , two of the most known creations of this artist. The encore is too quite, it would have been better something harder and more industrial.

What's remain of the night is jousted by Dj Agent Provocateur and Dj Butz .

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