Micromusic Party @ Diamond Lounge ( Berlin) 15.08.07

Text by Gilly_Sephira - Pics by Drex

There's a very useful activity you have to do if you're in Berlin: to plunder flyers next to toilettes' doors in pubs, restaurants and wherever you want.

A Wednesday evening we take place in a local in Shönhauser Allee, the White Trash , where has been organised a micromusic night (by Storno ). It is the first time in our path through micromusic events we find different names on stage. It is one among the dates of Computour 07, which covers all the month of August across many European countries.

Rongfa are two young sweden guys, who are able to stir the atmosphere and open the night with the right music; catchy tunes, simple structures, short duration, musicality, freshness and other attributes we can classify like parts of micromusic style like: melodic rivers, different types of rhythm and influences put together, from techno to sporty, faster, lower, sweden rap. These guys are really talented in involve peolple in their show and they really have fun playing music; they jump, they scream, they laugh, they leap themselves on the floor, fighting and rolling! One of the tracks is a cover of a famous Wham's song Wake me up before you go go.

The night proceeds with another duo (more quite than Rongfa and stuck on the machines): the Computadora Felix . They're accompanied by a visual which extends itself beyond the boundaries of the video towel, colors are very strong; yellow, purple and green combine themselves in several shapes. Linear music becomes circular, now with a dirty sound, now with a huge quantity of rhythm, now with a broken rhythm, now it seems they're improvising something, syncopation, non-rhythm.

Bass is great, like their ability in mixing and in elaborating sounds. Sceneries are also in changement, from a gloomy drum'n'bass to the sensation to stay in a happy land with rainbows and flowers. They also propose a cover track, but their choice falls on a more ancient music: the valzer Bel Danubio Blu by Strauss.

They've come and gone with a greeting by their noise generator and a very appreciated encore.

We remain in the Rainbow Land with the first notes created by Synthetical . At the beginning he's alone on stage, but after a remix of Benassi's song, a very hot chick comes out and supports him.

This kind of micromusic is more elaborated, original and is near to the primordial concept which this kind of music is based on, but we all know that everyone has his own influences and shades (all in the cauldron of relativity). The music is very catchy and a pixelate, coloured-videogame atmosphere seems to appear on this plane of existence. There are some glimpse of music with a spoken voice.

It is important to notice that he's the first performer who uses the game boy, while others have played with their computer.

Goto80 is the last performer and he shows himself the noisier one. He passes from dirty, distorted and broken rhythms to melodic phases and the use of voice is very similar to that used in harsh ebm style or that which is unproperly defined industrial. We discover voice like a very important part of his performance, he doesn't use only a spoken or a rap style, but he "sings", he growls and screams like a black metal singer - maybe this is the influence of the scandinavian metal tradition.

All the tracks are characterised by a huge variety of sounds that sometimes bursts into confusion; there's always a glimpse of distorsion and a powerful bass in the substratum.

Public becomes more delirious after every performance and during this one there's no one at the bottom of the chamber, cuz they're all glued on the stage shaking their bodies in all kind of ways.

The comfortable screen in which you can see the performance (near the entrance) is not useful anymore, cuz it's time to toss the body, to see the real acting, to see the music creation and the distortion of face and body.

This place presents itself well afterall, like a dug-out cave with symbols on the walls like rocky paintings, but we can't ignore two negative points. The first is the music between a performance and the following one, too loud and who wants to speak kills his/her own larynx; the selection is not so good too and above all is not proper to this night. From another hand the performances haven't covered 40 minutes each like Goto80 said before the evening started.

The other negative thing is the lack of draught beer and specially the price of a bottle of Beck's, which makes us remember the expensive italian pub (3,50 without "pfand" is too much for Berlin).


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