pic by drex and gilly

Time comes to change our musical views, better to go abroad, obviously. The Micromilano Company (this time the Trinity composed by "Tonylight-Drex-Gilly") fixes its next stop in Basel, crossing lakes and under a sky pouring water on our rusty French spacecraft.

Hard to find, this small club "Wagenmeister" lies in a no man's land, amongst lorries, rubbish, abandoned places, wild grass and dead end railway.

We must say that meeting this nice Micromusic.net community is like breathing fresh air, compared to our Italy, where we resemble a family whose members where lost during a war..

Things starts late; a notice for the readers, in case you'll leave in the future to the beautiful green land of cows and clocks, don't go to the restaurant late, as the waiter said "No food, it's ten, we are in Switzerland!!"

All right, Drex.. but the music? Yes, first of all there was a flyer...

And then the musicians: re?mo opens with a dj set to entertain the first comers, good to listen to but we're all waiting to prepare ourselves for a night that's going to dry out any spark of our vital energy.

King Schmx, hires Udo's "Atari station" for his first live set, coupling two "Atari" at the Vestax Mixer it's a sort of a live dj set, crossfading tracks live generated. Lots of fun, short set, good future ahead, our fortune having found repair for the night at his girlfriend's house. Nice couple... Thanks both...

Then comes Stu, "Atari twins"'s father, hardware manipulator, he has mounted on one of the two computers, the female one probably, a series of rotating nipples, a pleasure to see this machine lover while practising.

Incredible dirty abrasive microelectro... he's got even some impure trancey filter openings; then came his melodies of "Atari underground chiptune resistance". Already a classic...

The crew and the crowd started to show first symphtms of mutation, anyone floating in his hyperspace while Stu went 8bitAcid, filtering and panning, pitchshifting our state of consciousness, altering our perception to prepare the psychiatric mass that followed, when Bacalao jumped later on the throne.

Bacalao the eclectic, Bacalao the Alchemist, mixing any genre that could be translated into a tracker, Bacalao "the neverending dancer", powered with Cesium 137, he stood still in positions showing that the music and his body react togheter, I'm sure his heart doesn't make tump-tump but it's a sort of a tachycardiac breakbeat.

Any energy left? Bacalao came with his 'funkiest fish and chips served in a pan with lor res graphics'. Breaks on speed, bacalaotic spasm, laptop set seems static? Watch him in his terminal parkinson dance. A performer and a complete musician, melodies at light speed, bpm now means Bacalao Performs Music and the number increasing from 120 to the 'core resembles the Celsius temperature of the air in which we loose sense.

Singing as it was in a punk band, hardcore for tortured babies, he goes from cheeky sounds to breakcore madness.

The Quiet after the Storm, Wanga sticks himself in the middle of the two Guests, short interlude, a tribute for his passion and strength reversed in Micromusic.net, a sort of virtual sky full of stars of different magnitude.

And then "Supreme French Representative of the Micro Beat", Eat_Rabbit competes well with Bacalao quality, while this last one is a potential popnoise producer in excellent position, Eat create such e rich result that if you take a sample of his microsongs it could be enough for a complete track anyway; variation is his politic, he's the antithesis of trance, we're rabbits that never suffer lethargy, must eat carrots for a whole set, no chance to stop or dream.

and ending with kraftwerk on eriksonn mobile, improvisation on organ by bacalao, then Soft Cell 'Tainted love' and screams, and Two Unlimited, micromobile.

At the end of the day I must say that 4 live sets like those ones it's even too much for anyone who want to spend a night dancing, expecially when you double a "wild bacalaotic set" with Rabbit's "keeponchangingsamplesandbeats". The day after we felt a bit shocked...

Back to the party area it rememberd a sort of a rave party location....

Right, I hope you have a clue of what happened there in Basel, if not read the different Italian or French (thanks Gilly) version or, even better, come to the next party and find out.. meet Drex and just say hello... see you in Lyon the 25 th May, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

some more pics..........

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