MICROKING - Le caveau du King - Neuchatel (Switzerland), 06/05/06

|| MICROKING ||| le 8-bit c'est fantastik 2 !
live: Wanga, Carolin, Logic Bomb, Jellica and Tony "not on the list" Light.

Here we are, your beloved photoreporter Drexkode's crossed the borders for another international mission, with the kind fellowship of Tonylight, our respectful King of MicroMilano.

Destination Neuchatel, Switzerland, installing a camp base in Losanna, where our French speaking mate, Cedric, is waiting us at a show about the "Sustainable Development"... so why not joining in my report this marvellous "parabolic oven " for boiling tea with the solar power, or a dj sound system powered by our shining star, covered with photovoltaic cells.

I said Micromusic, that's the reason for travelling far from home, Micromusic is a reality that's slowly penetrating our little Italy, notoriously unaware of what goes on in the most producing musical niches of the Old Europe. To get the right feeling better go to smell what goes on in the house of our Euro Electro Comrades, having a good time.

At the King Bar, in Neuchatel, that night a young Bacalao has made real his little Circus, an Arcade Orkestra, a few dozen of us, like heavy Mario Bros jumped out the video and standing, waiting at the bar for the Game Boy Show to start.

First of all, the Party Opener, the Artistic Mind of Micromusic.net, Great 8bit Baron Wanga was working hard on his little electronic Boy, a pure set coming out this little machine, putting fuel to make the good vibe of the night, for taking off on a lo-fi funny trip.

Lots of goodies at the bar, a Flambe Absinthe was my starter, ending in a full breath of fuse plastic when I introduced a straw in the burning glass.. I'm not shure that's Absinthe in the original version Baudelaire used to sink his troubles.

Bacalao followed, taking on his side the electric guitarist (Cryo32), appearing together as Carolin, an unusual combo for a Microparty with an Amiga on their side, demonstrating the power and the goodlooking future for 8bit music, crossing over old videogame sounds with the funk\rock tradition, an entrilling performance, reaching the top, i.m.h.o., when the darkest and sobbing chords of the Cure spread this mental illness of blips and dirty kick drums.

Bacalao played the keyboard as a real musician, notes and chords, up and down the Blacks and Whites, two nice guys, kilos of fun, a few litres of sweat, metres of tracks.

Next please.. And Logic Bomb has land with his classic guitar with a Game Boys sticks on its side, his English folk attitude, raw energy and smiles, starting his micromachines as a complex methronome to go. after abandoning the classic instrument, returning to the reign of plastic toys, things go serious, he charged the crowd like mechanical dolls and all went maaaaaaaaaad.. :-D

One more plese.. Jellica, another Englishman on stage, shooting tracks from the minidisk, playing live a few sample sounds and voice, singing like a little drunk girl, X-labelled-crazy-man, the English showed that Game Boy could drive people mad.... BEWARE THE 8 BIT!!.

That's the End, please follows the exit, standing in perfect lines... No, there's a chance to fill the air till 2 o'clock, Master Tonylight came after, it's like a Resurection, another purist of Game Boy Music, that night with the improvisation of a freestyler that made Tony wearing clothes of a New Yorkers dj from the '80s, the other one an MC, scratching, rapping, setting the night on another level of Micromusical enrichment of a genre that's growing bigger in the underground.

Long Live the Micromusic, Time will Know...

In Neuchatel the streets at night quite differs from our bigger cities, time to get home, not before resting our happy bodies in Losanna,

just the time to meet some other good friends my Nikon found in the night, peeping on every corner of this Old Curiosity Workshop, our Informal Guest House. thanks again Cedric and to all from that happy company there at "King's".

See yaaaaaa..




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